Blast Off and Strike!

Vintage gamers, near 25 years after its arcade release, Easter Egg is proud to announce to you that R-Type is finally back for your Amstrad / Schneider CPC 128K. Yes, CPC like Colour Personal Computer, no more like Crappy Port Compomise... So, don’t miss your last chance to blast off and strike the evil Bydo empire!

Game Features

Colourful Stages

R-Type display 16 colours sprites and maps, converted from the arcade graphics. Move your R-9 spacecraft through improved stages with starfields, animated background, parallax scrollings and more.
Now fast and fully animated.

Vibrant Music and Effects

Choose from three audio modes for playing R-Type.
«music» for listening the hi-fi arcade soundtrack port, «effects» to enjoy the full 3 channels sound effects with external stereo speakers and «mixed» for a better experience. Last but not least, a «sound test» is waiting you... What else?


Without running the game, you can check the ranking from the BASIC by typing CAT or |DIR. The 10 best scores are saved to the floppy disc, so your name will remain in the universe forever.

Free CPC 128K version by Easter Egg.
R-Type and the R-Type logo are trademarks of Irem Corp.
© 1987 All rights reserved.

Arcade and Casual Modes

The original arcade spirit is back on this 128K version.
Choose how many «lives» and «continues» will be used to play. Each cleared stage displays its score at end to follow your progress. R-Type support 2 fire buttons for a true arcade experience. (alternative keyboard layouts for all CPC)

A special mode is available for casual gamers. Learn «how to play», select the start «stage», chose to «keep» weapons and «rebirth» where you die. Tips will help you to defeat boss aliens.

Download Now!!!

All versions

Download the 3" CF2 side A / side B DSK.

Download the 3"½ MF2 dual side DSK.

Download the HxC dual side floppy File.

Have fun with this new old game for vintage gamers!

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